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Usually i write about one of two things. Wrestling or endurance stuff. Today I write about another love….comics

Marvel this week has gotten a lot of press for the announcements that Thor will soon be a woman and Captain America will soon be replaced by Falcon

Or, in other words….marvel this week has gotten a lot of press for the announcements that both Thor and Captain America will have plot twists in up coming issues.

In other words marvel has gotten people to talk about the fact that their stories involve stuff happening.

Freaking genius. Seriously.

How does dc get press? By giving up and starting over.

People are saying “but it won’t last” missing the point that it shouldn’t last. Stories are supposed to move forward and evolve and be fun and challenge you at times.

Or you can just give up and start again.

me talking about two of my three favorite subjects

Why I hate the DCnU

The things in our past matter.  They make us who we are today.  They define us.  We can pretend they didn’t happen.  We can ignore them.  We can even forget about them.  But they were all a part of our journey to where we are right now. 

If you have slept with 10 people you have slept with 10 people.  You can pretend one or two never happened.  You can block them out, or forget about them, but that doesn’t change the fact that you have slept with 10 people. 

The tradition of comic books is that a characters journey continues.  Somebody created that character (Say Bob Kane with Batman) and told that characters story for a time until somebody else took over.  And, if said character is successful (like, say Batman) this continues to happen for many years.  When a new writer comes in she or he may not acknowledge everything that the previous writers have done with a character but those things still happened.  A writer may kill a character, change a costume, and turn a hero to villain.  The next writer can continue that or go back to status quo.  But the story continues. 

Unless you are DC Comics.  IF you are DC Comics you can decide that nothing from the past happened.  The characters have no history.  No writers or creators had ever worked on said characters prior to last year.  Batman has only been around a year.  Superman too. 

But even that would be ok, I guess.  The past never happened.  Sure.   New beginnings. Got it. 

But that isn’t what they did.  What they did was started over and said the past never happened…except the parts that did.  And they aren’t going to tell us what did or did not happen.  Why?  Because they don’t know. They are making things up as they go along. 

Their most successful books pre DCnU?  The Batman books and Green Lantern.  So, with those….the past happened.  Except the stuff that didn’t.  Other books that didn’t sell as well?  Whole new beginning.

So, for not know what has happened and what hasn’t, for ignoring all the amazing work of past creators, and for just plain old having their heads up their asses….Fuck you DC. 

Random Randomness

Spend much of this week sick and because of the sickness I spent a lot of time on the couch.  So, to clear my head of the negatives of the week I am going to ramble on for a bit…

1) this week Slammedfan released the first episode of their show online. I am heavily featured.  Very odd to watch and listen to myself. I still have trouble accepting that if everything works out I could be the star of a reality show.  It’s a weird world isn’t it?

2) The fundamental difference between Marvel and DC is that even if you haven’t ready comics for 20 years but did once upon a time you KNOW who founded the X-Men and the Avengers because Marvel has never gone back and changed that.  With DC the founding members of the Justice League of America seems to change at the drop of a hat.  Stories should always go forward, not backwards. The whole point of comics is that the stories keep going forward.  The adventures never end.  But this only really works if you don’t keep starting over.

3) for a brief period of time new “Hero Porn” was coming out all the time (hero porn: pornography staring people as super heroes.  That is no longer the case as nothing new has come out in awhile and nothing new seems to be coming.  Sad.

4) No matter how old I get, I still find myself getting excited about Wrestlemania

5).  A year ago if you asked me who my favorite female comic character was I would easily and without hesitation tell you Barbara Gordon.  Now, thanks to the relaunch, that is no longer the case…now she is just like so many other characters staring in their own books.  Good job DC.  Way to screw things up.

6) why am I numbering these things?

7) As excited as I am about wrestlemania NOTHING rivals how excited I am about the SPW 12 Year Anniversary show on April 22.  Those shows are always amazing and this year since executives are coming up from Hollywood to see the product live and to see if they want to get in on the action and get involved with the reality show.  That is huge for us. 

8) Alcatraz is coming and I am excited.  And afraid of failure.  Today I returned to the gym and had an awful ride and an awful swim.  When I am done here I will have a (most likely awful) run.  If you focus on what matters everything else fades away and that is how you stay a positive person.

9) on April 4 I turn 39 years old and for the first time in many years I am celebrating my birthday (was not my idea but when a group of people want to take me to a strip club who am I to argue?).  The two negative people in my life think I will go, have random sex, get a disease, and ruin my life all because I wanted to have a good time.  Everybody else I know just wants me to have as much fun as possible.  That is why positive is much better than negative. 

10) I hate weekends off.  Had no shows this weekend.  I have no shows Easter weekend.  Who does a guy have to blow to get booked?  Never mind, don’t answer that…. not that desperate to wrestle. 

11) so while laying on the couch I saw a preview for this tiny movie that may actually be pretty good.  It is about a group of heroes teaming up and calling themselves the Avengers.  Have you heard about this? 

12) Ever notice there two types of people in this world?  Those trying as hard as they can to be happy positive people and those that embrace negative like it is a warm blanket on a cold night.  I used to be the negative kind.  Never again.  Life is too short and I have way too many adventures left to have. 

13)  According to superstitious type people the number 13 is unlucky.  They fear it.  Must be odd to live life afraid of a number. Or afraid of anything really.  I only really feature one thing and that is failure…but that doesn’t mean I don’t try

Ok.  I am rambled out for now.