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Funniest things I have seen in years


I hate being late.  It pisses me off and I feel it is disrespectful.  Hate it. 

So when I slept through my watch alarm this morning (phone still dead) I was pissed and stressed. Ring crew was scheduled at 9 and I woke up at 845, had to shower, pack my gear bag, and go pick up Bryce.

That meant we showed up at Max Fitness forty minutes late…..just as the Uhaul was arriving.  Turns out the truck wouldn’t start this morning so I was not the only one going through stress. 

Today SPW was doing a free show at Max Fitness as a partner of their member’s appreciation day and so I wasn’t really sure who was going to show up to wrestle.  This was a last minute thing and I wasn’t even sure it was happening until a few days ago. 

The initial crew was Scoot, Dexter St. Jock, James Von Eerie, Brittany (who used to be Kurai Hime and I haven’t learned her new name yet), Joe DeSoul, Bryce and I… and we know what we are doing so setup went well.

We were joined by Dusty Grimes and Jack Flagg (from WCWF and who train with us on Mondays), Commissioner Kayla, ring announcer Donovan, APW student Erin (who did the marathon with Frost and I last year and was making her debut in the battle royal), Bobby Hart, Savanah Riley, and D-Torch… case you don’t follow NorCal wrestling…. heck of a crew right there.

I decided to see what type of wrestler Erin was going to be and asked if she wanted to work Brittany in a match….she texted her trainers and said ok, though the thought scared her.  Tells me everything I wanted to know.

So the show opened with a battle royal, which Dexter won.  As soon as that was over Jack Flagg changed Dexter to a match.  That was followed by Joe DeSoul vs Dusty Grimes, Then the epic match of Legacy of Scoottality vs A Salt on Society (Scoot teaming with Bobby Hart and D Torch and I taking them on).  We lost.

The main event of the first segment saw Erin have her first ever match at a show and it went well. Bryce reffed it so we had three women in ring at once.

We then took a short break and the next set saw Joe DeSoul vs D-Torch, Bobby vs Dusty vs Jack Flagg, Erin vs Savanah (so in one day Erin faced two of the six women wrestlers in NorCal), and the main was Scoot vs Dexter, which saw Bobby, myself, Savanah, and Brittany all get added making it a six man.

Everybody had a good time…. what more could we all ask for.  And I thought that was about it.  But I was wrong…

We headed to Virgil’s to put the ring away and because Kayla brought us a bunch of supplies we were able to set up and test the new wood out (score) as well and doing some painting.  In other words we got stuff done.

At list point everybody had gone their separate ways except Cjay, Bryce, Scoot, Kayla, and I….so we went out to dinner at Logan’s Steak House (where Dexter works).  Dinner was great and the staff came out to congratulate Scoot and Cjay on their one year anniversary together (which means I get Bryce and Kayla.  Right? Doesn’t it?). 

Was a lot of fun….and then everybody came back to my place and we watched wrestling for a couple hours and then started watching youtube videos on my TV….and ended up hanging out until 1 am.  The highlight, which I am going to post after this, was a misheard lyrics video for O Fortuna.  I have NEVER seen Cjay laugh that hard and I laughed so hard I cried.  Literally. 

Today was an amazingly good day……

Now find the video

Just Like That

A few days ago my iphone started acting under the weather and tonight she passed away.  This leaves me with no connection to the world….other than my computer, of course. 

Not a big deal….not like SPW is doing a show on Saturday at noon at Max Fitness and the biggest show in company history a week from Sunday (April 27 at 6200 McMahon Drive.  Yes. We hold our shows on McMahon Drive).  Oh…we are? Crap in a hat. 

But…but….I don’t know how to be cool